Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study Opportunities


If you desire to relocate to Canada, the study and work permit route is one of the fastest ways to achieve this. Diploma programs that run for 2 years provide an avenue for mature students to migrate to Canada through the study route with limited academic qualifications.

The under-listed courses are open for late application for the January 2023 Diploma program in Canada.

Note that late entry deadline is Friday, 1st July 2022. After this date, decisions and offer letters will be issued.

Please read carefully to understand eligibility requirements.

Diploma Programs run for a maximum of 2 years and are suitable for mature students

Eligibility Conditions for Diploma programs is as follows:

1) WAEC or NECO result is accepted. Combined results also accepted to show minimum of 6 credits including Mathematics and English

2) There is no age limit for Diploma programs as long as a strong case can be made for the relevance of the program.

3) Candidates who already have a Bachelors Degree can only go for a Diploma program that is relevant to their profession in a different field. For instance if you have a Bachelors Degree and background in Engineering but you are currently a fashion Designer, you can go for a Diploma in Fashion.

4) Tuition average is 14000 Canadian Dollars per year payable in 3 installments. First installment maximum of 3000 Canadian Dollars

IELTS and other test of English not required for Admission

Students are eligible for study work permit and post study work permits

If you meet the requirement for these offers, send an email to mavlonconsult@gmail.com for a FREE ASSESSMENT, attach copies of the required WAEC/NECO result and your resume for the assessment, ensure that you indicate the course you are interested in.

Below is the list of available Diploma programs:

Architectural Technician, Auto Body Repair Technician, Automation and Robotics - Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician, Automotive - Motive Power Technician (Optional Co-op), Automotive Parts and Service Operations (Optional Co-op), Automotive Service Technician Co-op partnered with TADA and FCA, Avionics Maintenance - Aviation Technician

Baking and Pastry Arts Management, Biotechnology, Business - International Business, Business – Marketing, Business - Supply Chain and Operations, Business Accounting, Development Work, Computer Systems Technician - Networking, Culinary Management, Dance Performance

Digital Visual Effects, Early Childhood Education (Ashtonbee Campus), Electrical Engineering Technician, Electrical Engineering Technician (Fast-Track), Electrician: Construction and Maintenance - Electrical Engineering Technician (Co-op), Electronics Engineering Technician, Energy Systems Engineering Technician,

Event Planning, Fashion Business and Management, Financial Services, Fine Arts Studio, Fitness and Health Promotion, Food and Beverage Management - Restaurant Operations, Game – Art, Healthcare Environmental Services Management, Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (Optional Co-op), Hospitality - Hotel Operations Management, Law Clerk, Liberal Arts, Mechanical Engineering Technician – Design

Nutrition and Food Service Management, Office Administration – Health Services, Office Administration – Legal, Paralegal - Court and Tribunal Agent, Paramedic, Photography, Police Foundations, Recreation and Leisure Services, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic (Co-op), Software Engineering Technician, Tourism, Truck and Coach Technician (Optional Co-op)

For further questions you can reach our Education Counselor on 08064958346 weekdays 8am-1pm daily


Admission into Undergraduate Bachelors Degree programs for Fall 2022 is still open for Direct entry programs in Manitoba, Canada. Please read carefully to understand eligibility requirements.

Final application deadline 1st July, 2022.

Bachelors degree programs are offered by University of Manitoba. Admission is only available in Direct entry mode.

Please note that this offer is strictly for High School, Secondary School graduates who wrote their WAEC from 2018 till Date

Direct entry mode: This is for entry into the Undergraduate University 1 programs. On completion of this 1 year program, students select their major and spend 3 years or more to obtain their degree in their selected major.

Eligibility for Direct entry:

1) WAEC result with a minimum of 6 credit including Mathematics and English. NECO is not accepted

2) Candidate must not have any post secondary qualifications and should be within the ages of 16 to 23 years. If you are above 23 years and you are in this category, go for Diploma programs instead.

3) Direct entry mode is not available for Nursing or Medicine. Only the Advanced Entry mode is available

Other things you need to know about the offer:

Tuition average is 12,000 Canadian Dollars per year.

No Tuition deposit is required after admission for you to process your study permit

IELTS and other test of English not required for Admission

Students are eligible to study work permit and post study work permits

If you meet the requirement for these offers, send a copy of the WAEC result to mavlonconsult@gmail.com for FREE ASSESSMENT. The title of your email must be 'Undergraduate Admission to Canada". Our admission counselor will get in touch with you.

Below is the list of available major Undergraduate Degree programs:

Accounting, Actuarial Mathematics - Business, Actuarial Mathematics - Science, Agriculture, Agroecology, Agronomy, Animal Systems, Anthropology, Applied Mathematics, Architecture , Art, Art History, Astronomy, Athletic Therapy, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Biosystems Engineering, Biotechnology
Business, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Commerce, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Criminology

Dental Hygiene (BScDH), Dentistry (BSc), Drama, Drawing, Economics, Education - Bachelor of Education, Electrical Engineering, Entomology, Entrepreneurship/Small Business, Environmental Design, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Family Social Sciences, Film Studies, Finance, Fine Arts, Food Science, French, Genetics, Geography, Geological Sciences, Geology, Geophysics, Global Political Economy, Graphic Design

Health Sciences, Health Studies, Human Nutritional Sciences, Human Resource Management / Industrial Relations, Interior Design, International Business, International Dentist Degree Program, International Medical Graduate Program, Juris Doctor (JD), Kinesiology, Labour Studies, Landscape Architecture, Law, Leadership and Organizations, Linguistics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering

Operations Management/Research, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Education, Physical Geography, Physics, Plant Biotechnology, Political Studies, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Psychology - Arts, Psychology - Science, Recreation Management and Community Development, Religion, Respiratory Therapy

Social Work – Fort Garry campus, Social Work – Inner City Program at William Norrie Centre, Social Work – Northern Program in Thompson, Sociology, Soil Science, Spanish, Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation in the Community Certificate (SPARC), Statistics, Theatre, Women and Gender Studies

To commence your application, follow the following steps:
Reply to this email with your preferred course and attach a copy of WAEC results and a resume of applicant for assessment. If you have interest in any particular listed course, specify this in your response.

For further questions you can reach our Admission Counselor 08064958346 weekdays 8am-1pm weekdays



Late application for Admission postgraduate Diploma programs in Canada for the under-listed programs is accepted till 1st July 2022

Note that courses that are no longer open have been removed from the list.

1) All Postgraduate Diploma Courses on this list admit with a minimum of Lower Second Class in Bachelors Degree or Lower Credit HND. Most of the programs run for 1 year or 2 years maximum.

2)Advanced Diploma programs require minimum of Diploma (OND) and the WAEC or NECO Certificates. This category of programs run for 2 years minimum.

3) You can bring in your family to Canada and qualify for Postgraduate Work Permit after a Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Advanced Diploma or degree program in Canada. You are not limited to Masters or PG programs to bring in your family, unlike UK.

4) Applying for your Dependents and family members is best done after your own study permit has been approved for Canada, unlike UK that allows you to do so at once.

5) IELTS is not required for admission process, however, most Advanced Diploma programs require C5 in WAEC or NECO English.

6) Processing time can take up to 6 months for both admission and study permit.

7) Transcript for OND, HND or Bachelors degree is Compulsory for PGD programs.

8) Admission to Master of Business Administration program is still open at University of Canada West Vancouver for January 2023 session. The minimum requirement is Second Class lower in Bachelors degree.

9) University Canada West will accept HND with a combination of a relevant PGD or a Masters Degree for the MBA program, transcripts will be required

Master of Business Administration runs for 2 years.

10) We understand that some Candidates are having challenges getting their transcript due to ASUU strike. You can apply for Advanced Diploma (2 years) programs instead as this does not require transcripts.

The following institutions are currently issuing admission letters for the listed courses for January 2023:

University of Canada, West Vancouver
Centennial College-Toronto, Ontario
Conestoga College, Kitchener Ontario

1 year Tuition range 13,000-15000 Canadian Dollars. All schools accept payment in installments.

The following are the available programs and required credentials

Postgraduate Diploma program list:

Construction Project Management, International Development, Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management, Event Management, Financial Planning, Global Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Marketing- Corporate Accounts Management, Marketing Research and Analysis, Project Management.

3D Computer Animation, Applied Electrical Motion and Control Management (2 years), Applied Energy Management (2 years), Renewable Energy Management (2 years), Applied Manufacturing Management (2 years), Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration ( 2 years), Applied Research (with internship),

Global Hospitality Management, Global Business Management,
Financial Technology, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Network Security, Information Technology Business Analysis (2 years), Information Technology Infrastructure, Interactive Media Management.

Mental Health and Addictions, Process Quality Engineering, Predictive Analytics, Quality Assurance in Manufacturing and Management, Strategic Marketing Communications (2 years), Strategic Global Business Management (2 years), Robotics and Industrial Automation (2 years)

Reporting Systems and Database Development, Structural Packaging Design and Management, Structural Steel Management and Detailing (2 years), Global Supply Chain Management, Web Development (2 years)

Advanced Diploma program list(This require a minimum of 2 years post secondary qualification or Diploma with a complete WAEC or NECO results):

Business Administration - Accounting, Business Administration - Finance, Business Administration - Human Resources, Business Administration - International Business, Business Administration - Leadership and Management, Business Administration - Marketing, Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management

Architectural Technology, Biomedical Engineering Technology, Biotechnology - Advanced, Electrical Engineering Technology (with internship), Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automation and Robotics, Electronics Engineering Technology, Energy Systems Engineering Technology, Environmental Technology

Food Science Technology, Health Informatics Technology, Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design, Mechanical Engineering Technology - Industrial, Software Engineering Technology, Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence (with internship), Game Programming

Steps to apply:

FOR A FREE ASSESSMENT AND RECOMMENDATIONS, send the title of the course you are interested in to mavlonconsult@gmail.com and attach copies of O Level result, HND Certificate or Bachelors Degree Certificate and CV as applicable, in reply to this email for assessment

You can call 08064958346 on weekdays 8am to 1pm if you have further inquiries on this particular package

Postgraduate Study in the United Kingdom

Regular Admission and study permit processing for fall 2021 in the UK is in progress.

Recall that UK also introduced the 2 year post study work permit that empowers graduate to transition easily to working and living in the United Kingdom. Here are some factors you need to consider:

1) Proximity: With an average direct flight time of about 6 hours, studying in UK allows the flexibility for those who cannot fully leave their Businesses or loved ones here to pursue studies abroad. It gives you the opportunity to conquer both worlds, so to speak while you pursue your study/work permits

2) Study Options: With Over 150 Universities to choose from, UK offers a much wider variety of Courses than Canada. I have counseled a number of students who have to adopt an alternative course in Canada because the course they wish to study is mostly not available.

3) Ease of admission. Admission requirement for Masters in UK is easier than Canada. You can get a full time Master program with a lower second class in Most Universities in UK. You can be admitted with much lower grades on selected programs.

4) Visa Approval rates: From statistics, the Study permit approval rate for UK is three times higher than Canada. You are most likely to get the Study permit if you can demonstrate the required proof of funds. We now have the opportunity to assist students with the Proof of funds requirement through our financial partners at a reasonable fee.

5) Access to Travel: We have assisted many registered UK students to travel to Canada and USA to attend Academic Conferences and seminars by applying directly for their Visas in UK. The UK study permit will give you the opportunity to explore other countries easier than when you try to apply from your home country.

With all these points, making the UK your alternative plan for settlement is a viable idea.

Available Universities with average yearly Tuition:
University of Greenwich (12,000 GBP)
Birmingham City University (13,400 GBP)
Roehampton University, London (13,000GBP)
London South Bank University (13500 GBP)
Sheffield Hallam University (14,000 GBP)
Robert Gordon University (14,000 GBP)

Most Master Degree programs are completed within a year. Below is a list albeit not comprehensive of the courses available. If you do not find your course, send us an email to that effect

Master Degree Programs:

Architecture, Sustainable Building Designs and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Construction Project Management, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Water waste and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Engineering Management, Operational Cybersecurity, Oil and Gas Engineering, Petroleum Engineering .

Adult Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Agriculture for Sustainable Development, Food Safety and Quality Management, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, Data Science, Computer Science, Physiotherapy, Data Network and Security, Social Work, Public Health, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Global Environmental Change, Advanced Clinical Practice.

International Banking and Finance MSc, Accounting and Finance (MSc), Finance and Investment MSc, Business Administration (MBA), Strategic Marketing, Big Data and Business Intelligence, Project Management, Real Estate Development and Investment, Supply Chain Management,

International Law, International Human Rights, Engineering Management, Strategic Marketing, Business Information Technology, International Relations and Global Crisis, Public Relations, Global Communication and Media, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Global Shipping Management, International Business.

Fashion Design, Interior Design, Packaging Design, Product Design, Arts and Culture Management, Education, Dance, Journalism, Applied Linguistics, International Criminology, International Events Management, International Tourism and Hospitality, Therapeutic Counseling,

If you have not already done so, go through the list, select the course you are interested in and send us copies of your CV and final degree certificates for assessment and guidance through mavlonconsult@gmail.com.

You can call or chat Folakemi on 08103051178, Temitayo on 08139686452 if you have further questions; you can also connect through the following social media apps:

Whatsapp: 08064958346